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Toby the Great Pyrenees

Toby is a 7.5 yr old Great Pyrenees.  Early in the morning of March 29, 2012, Tobie grew his wings and left us for the Rainbow Bridge. Massive Heart attack. 

The recommendation for foster/furever home is “no dogs, no children”. I know this is going to limit his chances. However, not knowing people and how they would actually train the aggression he does show, I think that is for the best. Older children, who can look after themselves would be fine.

If you are experienced with *slight* dog aggression in large breeds, you will be considered.  — chip in to help Toby’s expenses.
The Temp Foster told us about 2 weeks ago – I took him to vet on Saturday, and he confirmed that he has a complete ACL tear on his right rear leg and probably a partial tear on his left. Johnny said that he would not recommend surgery until he at least loses a bunch of that extra weight. And then he would need to take xrays and re-evaluate, because of his age. I told him that the rimadyl was not working and that he was in pain, so he gave me some meloxicam and, after just one dose, I saw a marked improvement. He actually ran across the yard last night, whereas he could barely walk before. Johnny also gave me some supplements that are supposed to help with joint mobility, so they may be contributing to the improvement too.Toby is a sweet boy, so I don’t want him to be miserable. And he would be so much happier in a home.
Nw – he is loosing weight. He currently is in a boarding kennel, and has a Large area to roam in. But kennel is no place for a dog to live! His initial rescuer is hiking the Appalachian trail as a fund raiser. She will leave, if need be. But I wold like to find him a home first.
Transport can be arranged to the right home.

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