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Top Ten Things I Want to Hear from the New MAS Director

Source: Top Ten Things I Want to Hear from the New MAS Director

Asshole Alert: Cyber PC Experts, Super Scammers!

The Amazon Iowan

customer service catSo on August 20th, my mother went to a hotel in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She was there because she’s been going back and forth to take care of my grandmother, who is dying of congestive heart failure. My grandmother isn’t getting oxygen to her brain, so she’s loopy and weird and spends a lot of time insulting my mother, because she’s not herself and is very sick. Consequently, my mother is very tired. Very. Tired.

Which is why when she went to this hotel (I won’t name it yet, unless they don’t take care of her room for that night), and when she joined what she thought was the hotel wifi and her computer began blowing up with virus warning messages, she panicked. When a box popped up saying she had viruses and she should call Apple Care and the number was next to it, she called them.

“Very helpful”…

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This isn’t Working…..

Ray the Vicktory Dog

Goofy, silly Layla Goofy, silly Layla

Something needs to change, because this is really not working……

I loved Ray with all my heart.  I loved him so much that there have been points in last couple weeks when I wondered why I was still breathing.  We were so connected it didn’t seem right to continue on without him.  I have cried more tears since the 15th than I have cried in the past 10 years.

In order to understand how strong a bond we shared, you’d have to know that we were never, ever apart, at least not voluntarily.  We went to work together every day.  Ray ran errands with me.  Ray traveled with me. We ate together, we worked together, we played together.  Kevin and I went to dinner the week before he died, and we ran into friends that laughingly said “I almost didn’t recognize you without Ray”.  It was a joke, but…

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The burden of euthanizing an aggressive dog

No Dog About It Blog

Jack Russell Terrier SnarlingYesterday I read a painfully poignant post by Phyllis DeGioia about her dog, Dodger and her decision to put him down due to his aggression (“Euthanizing Aggressive Dogs: Sometimes It’s the Best Choice“). Her words were not only  powerful because they came from her own experience, but also because they so clearly articulated the conflicting emotions and guilt one feels when faced with euthanizing a dog due to aggression.

Societally, it is so much more acceptable to euthanize a dog for old age or illness than it is for a dog with behavioral issues.  And yet, many a pet owner has had to face making this type of decision.  I admire Phyllis for her courage in writing about her decision to euthanize Dodger.

In 2011, I wrote about a dog park friend who had to make this difficult decision after her cream-colored Golden Retriever showed serious signs of aggression…

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It’s enough to make you cancel your reservation

Stupidity has no country boundaries.

Letter to Santa, from a shelter dog

I have seen this go around the last couple of years, never knew who wrote it. This is the longer version, with jesus’ birthday and ll in it.

Little Green Inn for Wayward Dogs

Dear Santa Claws,

Some people don’t believe in you, but I do, because last year you brought me a tube of tennis balls, some yummy treats, a new dog sweater, and a plush, fleecy blue sheep that goes “Baaa-aaa-aaa” when I squeeze and chew on him. I stayed awake a long time next to the fireplace on Christmas Eve, waiting for you to come down, but I never did see you. Just my human Mom and Dad putting some packages under the tree. Thank you for those nice gifts last year! You are pretty special if you can sneak in past me!

This year I only want one thing for me for Christmas, and I promise, promise, promise that I’ve been good. My human Mom and Dad and sister and brother need your help a lot more than I do. See, Santa, my Dad lost something that was important to…

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more bacony goodness