Saving the world, one dog at a time! And Bacon and other things.

Ray the Vicktory Dog

Goofy, silly Layla Goofy, silly Layla

Something needs to change, because this is really not working……

I loved Ray with all my heart.  I loved him so much that there have been points in last couple weeks when I wondered why I was still breathing.  We were so connected it didn’t seem right to continue on without him.  I have cried more tears since the 15th than I have cried in the past 10 years.

In order to understand how strong a bond we shared, you’d have to know that we were never, ever apart, at least not voluntarily.  We went to work together every day.  Ray ran errands with me.  Ray traveled with me. We ate together, we worked together, we played together.  Kevin and I went to dinner the week before he died, and we ran into friends that laughingly said “I almost didn’t recognize you without Ray”.  It was a joke, but…

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